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Tensometric and Torsional Measurements

Tensometric measurements 

Tensometric measurements consist in measurements of the variations in electrical resistance undergone by means of a strain gauge grid linked to the equipment analyzed and subjected to strain. 

It is an opportunity to measure strain and make stress analysis of each kind of material in actual operating condition, including hostile environments.  

Typical tensiometric measurements applications:

  • Stress analysis consists in installation, measurement and data analysis services 
  • Torsional vibration measurement analysis
  • Pressure vessels applications
  • Composite materials applications
  • Residual stresses determination

Torsional measurements

Vibrations of rotating machineries, that is torsional vibrations, derive from the instantaneous angular velocity variation of the rotating parts. The phenomenon is present on reciprocating equipment, e.g. diesel engines, pumps, compressors, air/water propellers and turbines.

Torsional vibration analysis serves as an essential diagnostic instrument to identify abnormalities during a machine operation that may lead to unexpected damages of rotating equipment. Stresses caused by torsional vibrations are added to stress deriving from normal rotational motion.